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Name: Ema
Age: 25
Height: 169 cm
Cup size: 75C

Ema is sensationally sensual... Along no give-and-takes the most cherubic and magic girl you will ever have the joy to meet. You may come across her awhile but you will need her to stay forever and a day. With a exquisite fit body and smooth chromatic skin, she will surprise you with her flooring figure. Her corrupting eyes and aphrodisiac smile are overpowering. Absolute open-minded, gracious and demon-ridden. Utterly not to be missed... Always highly advisable if you up for a outstanding company and lots of fun! She is a taking aback young petite model. She is all of the time elegant with the most amazing intimate apparel. She has exuberant, smooth, blonde hair and a unfeignedly bonnie face with a fit and sexy figure. She is fashionable with a very burning, friendly and warm personality. As well as being free peppy and brave, she is that uncommon thing - the young lady of your dreams who is gettable in reality. Constantly receiving first-class reviews, Ema is extremely recommended!